Happy Independence, Nigeria! We wish our esteemed audience a happy new month. You are welcome to the tenth month of year 2016.

Here are few of the news that made September;

•The eclipse of the sun experienced in Nigeria.

•Explosion in Chelsea, New York.

•Yaya Toure retired from international football.

•The first presidential debate for the candidates of the 2016 U.S election held.

•Edo state elected a new governor.

•The wife of the CBN Governor was kidnapped and later released.

As the week was coming to an end, news broke on Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife concerning Omole Ibukun’s suspension. The lift on his “tactical suspension” is a timely one, coming around Independence day celebration. He is said to have gotten assurance from the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Anthony Elujoba, on Friday that his portal will be accessible in earnest. The case has been a controversial one and it still remains so. The suspension of the student activist purportedly has a strong connection with an article posted on his Facebook timeline months ago, entitled “Animals in the Senate”. Omole has unequivocally denied writing this article. Although the management may soften its grip on him for the moment, this episode with Omole has shown that the University Management is not ready to tolerate any form of student activism or criticism that looks it in the eye.

For weeks now, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has been on the trail of Dame Patience Jonathan regarding a $15million-scandal. As unpolitical as it may appear, the fact that the wife of a former president of Nigeria, who belongs to the opposition party, is involved continues to raise eyebrows as to whether EFCC is working under the auspices of Aso Rock or not. This drama does not seem to fascinate Nigerians like it might have done many months ago. Many are still waiting for the time to come when justice will go after corrupt members under the All Progressives Congress’ umbrella. If and if only this happens at all, Nigerians may be placated but then it is not the priority for a country going through tough times.

The year is thinning out and so seemingly does the value of Naira. From the interaction between the market forces and how the economy has fared thus far, “indefinite” is the apt word that describes the economic recession Nigeria has dragged itself into. Economic realities have drastically changed over the months; prices have doubled, some goods have become almost unaffordable, cost of living has leaped but workers’ remuneration has not been following this trend. It is unsettling that week in week out, prices escalate, quality depreciates as well as the hope for things to go back (at least) to the way they used to be before the recession.

When prices rise, a fall is often rare. When #5-biscuit started selling for #15 and sachet water for #10, consumers knew these ugly prices have come to stay and life will never be the same again. That the indigent, low-earners and majority of the brown-collar employees bear the brunt of this economic drought is quite unfortunate. Dollar now shuttles between the threshold of #300 and #400 but the Federal Government and Central Bank of Nigeria have not been able to rescue Naira. While long-term actions are being considered, it is preferable that the economy is stabilized rather than being left to get worse.

Ironically, the week ended on the beginning of a new month which happens to be a historic date for Nigeria. Almost six decades after the British left her to rule herself and manage her affairs, Nigeria has not fully gotten it right. It has been 56 years of trial and error, twists and turns, ups and downs. The Nigerian milieu is yet to purge itself of negative tags like corruption, illiteracy, under-developed and poverty. But then, much has changed about Nigeria – it has undergone infrastructural, technological and social evolution.

Are we going from worse to bad or vice versa? What does the future hold for the economy? Will our wounds heal? How long before we heal? We can only hope, work in unity and do the right things right for progress to become reality. Do have a fruitful October!



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