How thou watchest calmly shepherd

The nefarious wolf devour thy herd

Thou art fully aware of this sweet-

trouble pasture filled with ferocious beast.

But thou somewhat art negligent

For day and night I call and bleat;

Watching thy gaze fastidious and deep

From thy ostracized flock of sheep.


Chevalier, thy battle maketh me wearious

Like a clash between the elephant and hyena, it’s furious

My precarious and feeble mind taketh it no longer

Take thy flock away, farther and yonder

Away from this pasture of vilifying monster

That pleasurizes me, making me wander


I’m lethargic, take us into new pastures

Free of obnoxious and cruel creatures

Like a fras between furious elephant, so am i

In battle thou can end in a twinkle of an eye.

Abandoned I that forbidden part of Eden

And have laid all before thee pleading;

I am thy sheep clamouring amongst thy fleet

I plee thee hear my klaxon bleat

Hear me, O! hear and grasp me from my call

Lest I go into the prohibition and fall

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David Ezeani

David Ezeani

David Ezeani

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