Ho! The sound of the trumpet from a distance
The sound of jubilee choir on high key
Coming from the other side of the hill
Lo! We waited with the night, the moon and the three stars.

And as we watched,
The skies gulped and grinned.
When the heavens sweated, the earth prepared to be wet
And its tenants ran back to their shells
With every bit of tears wishing
That the sun would not for another second tarry
Way longer than their patience could carry.
Voice of Hope





Gradually, the unmerciful pregnant cloud began labour
Against our favor
Until we saw the wind like vapour
Taking along everything on its way with vigour,
Still we waited…
With eyes of a vigilante
Hoping that it would soon be day
When we would say
The long awaited hurray!!!

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Sarki Istifanus

Sarki Istifanus

He is a creative writer, singer and actor. Istifanus is a student of English Language at the Obafemi Awolowo University. He believess that "Life is a dirty paradise. We all need broom and conscience to save it from further misconception".
Sarki Istifanus

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