The Ultimate Spy

Getting dressed this morning didn’t seem much like a big deal to Janet, as she took a stroll down the road, back to her cozy little bedroom. Humming to herself, she wondered why the day seemed different. The sky was still blue and the grasses green. She yawned lazily as she drew the curtains back – as her phone kept ringing. Ignoring the calls, she headed for the bathroom, rushed a shower and got dressed.

Turning the key in the keyhole, she looked up and saw the beggar boy approaching. “Not again!” she thought as she took careful steps down the stairs to where she parked her car. He approached her with hopeful eyes, wishing for a repetition of what had become consistent for almost two weeks. “Help a beggar boy ma’am” he said, squinting his eyes with his arms outstretched. Leaning on his crutches, he smelled of stink and was properly dressed in rags. His rough face and disheveled hair told tales of poverty and hunger.

“I told you not to come here again!” she raged, glaring at him.

“Help a beggar boy ma’am” he reiterated, sweat dripping from his forehead. Reluctantly, she dropped a gold coin in his white-turned-brown bowl and watched his expression change, as he smiled and waved her a bye.

Getting into her car, she replayed the events of the past week in her mind. Someone had broken into the bank where she worked and had carted away several gold coins. She had been placed as the investigating officer in charge, being the most recent recipient of the institution’s award for the Most Trusted Employee. She settled and mapped out new strategies and plans for nabbing a thief.

The moody atmosphere of the office did not escape unnoticed as everyone went about their work silently and down-spirited. The usual bubbly and chatty spirit of the workers seemed to have vanished into thin air. They were gradually running into bankruptcy and the thief had not been caught yet. The manager had been hospitalized since the unfortunate incident. Moving hastily, she began to work. She had series of board meetings to attend. Drawings, maps, different proposals, all laid out before her as she attended to each of them.

“Going home was a big relief” she thought, sighing as she approached the front porch of her flat later that evening.

“Help a beggar boy ma’am” she heard behind her! Ready to shun him down, she turned in disgust, but wasn’t quite prepared for the scene that greeted her.

Right behind her were three policemen with the beggar boy standing directly in front of them. But this didn’t look like the beggar boy she used to know. He appeared well-dressed, clean-shaved and had the demeanor of one who just landed a jackpot.

“B…u…t, I…t…h…o…u…g…h…t…” she stammered, shock written over her body, hands trembling.

“Yes ma’am” the beggar boy replied. ‘We have been watching your movements silently for over two weeks. You were probably not smart enough; else you would have wondered why I approached only you in the neighborhood and why I started coming just after the theft. Well ma’am, you were initially the least of our suspects but we couldn’t help trying. You probably thought no one would suspect you since you seem to be the most trusted in the company. Well, we really appreciate your assistance so far and just for keeps, don’t let out stolen money to a beggar. We sincerely hope you kindly lead us to your co-associates. Thank you ma’am”.

“B…u…t…” she kept on stammering as the sounds of the handcuffs jolted her back to reality.

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Esther Olayinka

Esther Olayinka

is an intelligent, friendly, extrovert and jovial young woman from a family of four. Esther is an award-winning essayist who frowns at imitation and believes that “the best will definitely come out of you when you’re truly YOU!” She’s always interested in reading, writing and listening to music
Esther Olayinka

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4 Responses to “The Ultimate Spy

  • But she doesn’t appear as a thief…. why can’t you finish the story

  • that was dope…I luv d way u pick ur words..hope to see more of this…kip up d good works

  • “properly dressed in rags…” lol

  • The tale absorbs its reader into its plot even from its first few sentences, richly blended with a sprinkling of intrigue and suspense. Keep up the good work!

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