One Look
One Sight
Of blurred afar struggles
One mind
One thought
Of earth’s life ambivalence
Looking askance of self’s Future
But yet, on the blink for hope

One blue
One sorrow
Of a broken heart
Of profuse tears
Periodic dying
Of the abandoned souls
But yet, hope has its place

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One fall
One shame
Of a misplaced trust
Abetting truth denial
One confession
One repentance
From crooked pleasures
Twice remorseful
Today is disheartening
But tomorrow is a place for hope

One wound
One hurt
Ample stings of pain
Dry ointment
Detonated pills
No Good, No fair
So hope seems buried as maggots diet
But they of insight behold it

One bread
One fish
Many hungers
Not a love for ease
Of the famished bellies
Not a care or smile
For the troubled countenances
But silent whispers
Of despisers’ mockery
Yet, hope’s place is never void

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Does darkness not bore lights
Of the moon and stars?
Or does sunshine not kiss stones,
Brighten flowers and dry mud
Of their rainfall’s stupor?
So yea, there’s always a place for Hope.

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is an exceptional classical poet, organised writer, and blogger whose works are internationally recognized. This creative, handsome chap believes in using poetry especially to influence people’s thoughts and preserving humanity’s goodness. He is a Psychology Student

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