Under the Omole-led administration, members of the Non-Academic Staff Union (NASU) of Obafemi Awolowo University severally protested in discontent about their unpaid dues that had been accumulating over months. At the 11th hour of Professor Bamitale Omole’s tenure, they became rather desperate and aggressive in their demand. Perhaps the clearest implication of this is that the entitlements they have ever been clamouring for were yet to be given to them and the least of their wishes was for the administration to expire without settling it. NASU_Omole_MockBurial

The mock-burial in “honour” of the last Vice-Chancellor sufficed to express their grudges towards him. The union members went ahead to thwart, in a long fight, the installation of Professor Ayobami Salami, whom they believed would carry on the legacies of Omole, as his successor.

On Monday 29th August, a great number of NASU members took to the premises of the University Hall to “remind” the management that they have not relented in their agitation. When an outsider listens to the touching story of the deprived NASU, it can be tempting to lash out at those at the helm of affairs in the last administration. Otherwise may be the case when an attempt is made to justify their actions by the results yielded, most especially on the students – the essence of the university itself. Students will not be quick to forget the NASU-induced strike of June 2015. Neither will it be omitted from the minds of the freshers to thank NASU for their role in the unsolicited break coming just weeks after their resumption.

It will be inconsiderate of NASU to continually allow students, many of whom believe in their cause, be the primary victims of their demonstrations. Monday’s protest is symptomatic of the brewing of yet another big thing. Though they may have won the confidence of the students by unseating a less desired vice chancellor, this confidence could be in a precarious state should the flow of the session be threatened by NASU’s activities once again.

OAU Senate Building

NASU should come up with creative means that will be more effective in acquiring their target but yet innocuous to students’ academic well being. Their grievances can be channeled directly to the Federal Government and external (higher) powers. The #ReOpen campaign championed by OAU netizens during the recent shutdown, now adopted by other tertiary institutions, can be emulated too. Much trust is being put in the present (though interim) leadership of the university by students and staff members and something of this nature is what they have longed for. It now behooves the Non-Academic Staff Union and the generality of OAU students to maintain the relative peace in the university’s atmosphere for the good of all.


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