The Failing Success Of The Mass Media

Various types of mobile phone on display.

Mobile Phones


I remember with amusement an evening when I took a long walk down the road. I saw a group of young guys engaging in an intense argument. The subject of their argument was which team was going to win the football match between Manchester United and Chelsea of London. At a point, one of them carried a broken piece of sapphire glass, ready to wrestle. [Now, I know such scenes are not foreign to you]. One fact is: every now and then, we get bugged with various pieces of information. Screaming banner headlines such as …


Billboard adverts are not left out. Neither are our mobile phones especially our new-found love – TECNO ANDROID. Information now gets to us at the snap of our fingers. All these point to just one thing – THE MASS MEDIA.

According to Wikipedia, mass media are diversified media technologies that are invented to reach a large audience by mass communication. We have different technologies such as the radio, recorded music, film, television, newspapers, books, internet, mobile, video games and many others. Well, we live in a society where the mass media seems inevitable, because information, according to Ronald Reagan, is the oxygen of the modern age. You may want to ask: “Where did all these emerge from?” Well, tracing it back to the early man when we had the writing of scrolls, the painting of pictures on caves, invention of hieroglyphics and alphabets. Then, the main purpose was to improve culture and communication among the world populace. This contributed to the growth of modernization as people were then able to share ideas among themselves and improved their society. Now, we have better and improved technologies as given above.

Children Watching Television

Children Watching Television

Now, one thing calls for great concern. And that’s the overall effect of the media. Has the main purpose of the media been lost? Is the media not causing more harm than good? No, the purpose has not been lost. However, information which gets to us these days are without filter or censor. This is because we have found ourselves in the midst of an information revolution. These days, it’s typical to see a six-year-old having a phone. Worse still, the child is on Facebook already chatting up babes. An individual’s identity is formed by a society in which the media plays a predominant role. So, the kind of information streamed out by the media develops the ways a person thinks. Unfortunately, damaging information is being streamed out these days. Pornographic sites are all over, movie industries are not helping matters as issues of morality and culture are getting dumped. How about the violence preached to our youngsters? Internet fraud is on the move. Dating sites are ubiquitous and readily accessible. Celebrities have lost their privacy. The brains of the youth are getting stereotyped and dull.

Has the mass media done more harm than good?

Has the mass media done more harm than good?
Friends travel far distances for a meeting, only to be distracted by their phones.

However, it would be unwise to draw conclusions that the media is so bad. Let me remind you that you would not be reading this without the media. Much information about the weather, the community, job opportunities or scholarship schemes would be nowhere to be found without the media. So, our lives practically have been shaped by the media. The media is so inevitable. Where then do we go from here?
It is therefore important for all to evaluate and assess the information and their sources and make positive choices. Having a critical attitude requires that we distinguish between positive and negative information and make choices that will provide beneficial information for us, and the society at large. True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information. Remember, you become what you see and what you hear.

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4 Responses to “The Failing Success Of The Mass Media

  • adamsmurphy

    The world herself has changed from what she use to be…. Everything is losing their purpose to unworthy affairs. I think what we are seeing now would be a tip of iceberg compared to what the next generations would be exposed to if standards are not setup to curb certain insidious issues.

  • The pollution in the media system is likely to get worse in the years to come, than what we have as the status quo at the moment. I support the media revolution.
    Great article.

  • The way forward is through awareness, sensitizations and surgical replacement of the age long pollution on the media. Articles such as this will go a long way in this revolutional shift and I also bliv d rich should invest in this to make it available at ease. Nice article. Really awesome.

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