This fateful day, I was sitting at my friend’s backyard when I visited him. I noticed a little boy coming to knock on their neighbour’s door.

Initially, I was not interested in what he was doing until he asked “Who is at home na?”. He was speaking URHOBO! My mind became alert. “Ta niyen”, I heard a young lady call from inside. This little boy turned toward my direction a little confused but replied anyway “Niyen!”.
“Ta niyen” the voice inside sounded impatient. “Niyen!” the boy replied again.

The door opened and the lady now looking angry said “Mo n bere pe ta niyen lataaro…”. The boy replied again with his voice raised “Niyen na” and both of them started quarreling while I sat laughing as the young boy later left murmuring.

“What happened?” my friend asked wondering why I kept laughing, “I can’t even understand what they were saying” I replied. “It’s the beauty of diversity”.

The lady was asking of who was at the door in Yoruba but the little boy in his language (Urhobo) heard “say niyen” so he just kept saying “niyen”.

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Eseoghene Igbule

Eseoghene Igbule

Eseoghene Igbule

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  • Beauty in diversity…I often wonder, if God is not an author of confusion, then what happened at the tower of Babel? But then it rained on me that, it might be a strategy to stop their plans, however, it was not totally a bad idea, as God Himself noticed the beauty in diversity of language.

    Eseogene, you are silent Aristotle of our days, a contemporary writer. l love this sir. it stirred the juice in me.

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