In less than twenty-five years that I’ve lived, I have seen enough injustice to make my heart bleed, with frequency increasing at exponentially alarming rates as each day passes. To complement this hemorrhagic heart are two insomniac eyes caused by inconsolable sleepless nights spent grieving over several instances of injustice. This made me doubt the “intactness” of our humane quality. “Maybe we are just modified humans with cognitive abilities”, I think to myself. How can such injustice take place among us and we call it culture? How could we be so numb to the pangs of injustice plaguing our society? Don’t we have feelings? Or are our senses dead to all forms of perception?

I have not lived for long but I have seen several cases where those that are meant to lead deprive their followers of their rights and shut their mouths. I have seen where the rich men of the society living in abundance arrogates properties of the middle and low class then gives a fraction out to the them and the society praises them for doing something. The society makes a saint out of a thief who returns one-third of stolen money. I have seen students deceived to pay inflated school fees all in the name infrastructural development they will never see till they graduate. On request of what their money is being used for, the students were sent home and their union suspended. The same class of old men who teach young ones to stand for their rights, also shut them down at the smell of guilt.


I have visited the highest places of the law, only to meet the absence of justice where it is meant to abound. Injustice daily streams out of our courts, its supposed dwelling place. We have now worn our chameleon garments to adapt to the temperature of injustice, such that justice is best likened to the rare patches of greens in the desert or to total eclipse that occurs rarely or the birthing of a new sun that occurs every million years.

Men that we are, we die and decay awaiting justice. Like an aged woman awaiting the return of her prodigal son, we sit with our arms folded in the frontage of our homes waiting for justice to come while the roots of injustice spread through our backyards.

How long shall we wait? Are we even certain that justice would come? When would our wait end? Let me not fuel your false hope. Truth is: Justice is not coming, as long as it doesn’t exist as a individual entity. We can appoint Chief Justices or even create more Justice Departments, yet we cannot be sure they can usher in justice.

Justice is the quality of being just and fair, not necessarily “the quality of a country to be just and fair”. In other  words, justice is more individualistic than collective. That is, it takes YOU to be just and fair.


As a person, if your concern is “what can one just person do among millions and billions of unjust?”, then you should think of how a small matchstick set an entire forest ablaze. Don’t wait for the fireball from the lightening to spark up the forest because it may never come, start the little way you can and watch it spread like wild fire throughout the whole forest.

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Busola Aremu

Busola Aremu

She's an intelligent writer with an unusual passion for women, cooking and Computer Programming. Busola is highly engaging and always fun to be with. She's currently pursuing her first degree in Obafemi Awolowo University.
Busola Aremu

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