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The Reflector Team humbly request your support and partnershipfinancially, materially, or in any other way – towards accomplishing our vision. However, there are modalities regarding who, why, and how we can, and should, foster the partnership.


– As much as we need assistance, we are particularly careful to avoid supports having political or religious undertones.

– Secondly, we want support from individuals/organizations that buy into our vision and bear a similar passion. If our concerns about the youth and Media don’t concern you, friction is unavoidable.

– Also, the reachability of the sponsor is of great importance to us. We must ensure avoidance of infiltrators hiding in the shell of benefactors.

– Ultimately, the Reflector team frowns at being politicized, religionized, or commercialized.



Clarity of Vision. We are always sure to ascertain the clarity, originality and authenticity of our purpose, not merely in words, but much more by respective actions.

Composition. Our team is composed of team-spirited, passionate students. Even if they’re born with golden spoons, students are still students.

Team Credibility. You might have experienced some disappointment after supporting certain organizations. However, that doesn’t disprove the credibility and reliability of some others. Our past programs and reachability attest to that!

Give-Back. We could also be of great assistance to you in some regard, as much as lies within our capacity.

We Deliver. And that’s just it. We deliver!



Financial Aid. We count nothing too big or minute, so long it’s a justified product of your effort.

Programs. If you work with or have an organization that believes in our vision, you can.choose to partner with any of our programs. [FIC, ICE Conference, #ReflectorReview]. We will send you a proposal on request. (Check PROGRAMS for more details).

Distributorship. You can help in magazine distribution.

Publicity. This costs you almost nothing. Just a post of our works on Twitter, Facebook or your blog is a great act of support. And we sincerely appreciate that too.



Anything for us? Please, be free to share with us!

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