The prospect of the Media can be forecast from the impressive approach of the younger generation. Read about Sonuga Opeoluwa Emmanuel (HisGenius), a prolific writer, a public speaker, and a 400-level Law student of Obafemi Awolowo University, in this exclusive interview with Ibironke Emmanuel and Odunlade Olufunmilayo of THE REFLECTOR.


HISGenius: Opeoluwa Sonuga

Reflector: Can we meet you?

Sonuga: I am Emmanuel Opeoluwa Sonuga, from Abeokuta, Ogun State. I’m the first born of the family of four. I attended King’s College, Lagos, and now a 400-level Law student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

Reflector: With your kind of personality, why did you choose to study Law?

Sonuga: I have a passion for the media industry. Actually, the first thing that came to my mind was either Mass Communication or Law, so I chose Law. Law provides me an opportunity to reach out to more people than Mass Communication would reach. One of the things that pushed my dreams in Law is because I’ve always looked up to people a lot. Fortunately, the first Chief Justice of Nigeria, Ademola Adetokunbo, and the International Chief Judge are both alumni of King’s College. These were the two personalities that motivated me.

Reflector: So, how far have you been able to reach out to people?

Sonuga: By God’s grace, we have been able to reach out to people, even beyond our ability and beyond the spheres of Law. We began the publication of ‘AngloVision’ in AngloMoz – that was in Part 1 & Part 2. Presently, we’re working on Inspired TV, which is our latest form of reaching out to people.

Reflector: Will it be right, then, to say that your decision for Law was as a result of confusion of profession?

Sonuga: No! It wasn’t confusion of profession, but alternative of profession. Three things make the foundation of my life – Purpose, Potential and Passion. I was looking for a profession that will encompass the three at equal levels. It’s one thing to know what to do; it’s another to know how to do it. The ‘how’ is the Potential, the fire is the Passion; the doing itself is the Purpose. Who knows, maybe I would have shot higher than this if I was studying Mass Communication.

Reflector: That means you’re using the available to get the desirable.

Sonuga: Exactly!

Reflector: What other things make up Ope?

Sonuga: Presently, Ope is made up of five things: He’s made up of a spiritual man, a passionate Law student, the General Secretary of Baptist Student Fellowship OAU, Inspirational project and National Campus Journalism.

Reflector: What are the challenges so far?

Sonuga: I don’t remember past challenges because I believe that whatever is past is past and should be buried. A Greek Philosopher once said “You can learn by the past but you must live by going forward”. Presently, the challenge we are facing now is the challenge of time. There’s so much to do but there’s little time to do them. Another challenge is finding much more people who can express the vision they have.

Reflector: Some people say you’re a motivational speaker while others say you’re an inspirational speaker. Which one are you?

Sonuga: I was once a motivational speaker but now an inspirational speaker.

Reflector: What’s the difference?

Sonuga: The difference is that a motivational speaker gives you a fish and an inspirational speaker teaches you how to fish. A motivational speaker gives you a tip of an iceberg and you come craving for more, but you don’t ask for more with open hands; you ask for more with something in your hands. But an inspirational speaker is one who actually teaches you because he has found a secret in life. He doesn’t just teach you a portion of the secret; he teaches you how to discover & develop that secret and how to live the secret-life. An inspirational speaker is more talented than a motivational speaker. Inspiration is a free gift but motivation isn’t. Motivation is self-creation but inspiration is God-creation.

Reflector: Are you in a relationship?

Sonuga: (Laughs) No! I’m still in a deep sleep.

Reflector: What is your affiliation with the News world?

Sonuga: We have opportunities to write for about 8 National dailies: National Mirror, The Tribune, The Guardian, The Nation, etc. Before, I feature almost every week on national dailies, but later I found out that instead of making news, I was making noise. Then, I was given just a small page, but now I want to make the front page, because I have to do has to be of high quality.

Reflector: What’s your connection with the Law Students’ Society (LSS) politics?

Sonuga: Life moves in four ways: what we decide, what we demand, what we deserve and what is dominant. What is dominant is ‘what will be, will be’; what you deserve is ‘what you have done, you get’; and what you demand is ‘what I want, I’ll get’. What is happening in LSS is what is dominant. I think it’s what LSS deserve, decide and demand. I accept the fact that my inability politically has been affecting the progress and development of LSS. My potential is the ‘me’ that people want to see, so I decide to leave the ‘me’ that people want to see to the ‘me’ that people should see.

Reflector: What’s it about Inspired TV?

Sonuga: The vision was a Valentine gift.  On February 14, I asked God to toast me with a gift. He didn’t only give me the gift but He gave me the grace too. We don’t have a Christian-Oriented Campus Television in the whole of Nigeria. The ones we have are those who patch-up secular with the Kingdom principle because they want to be accepted by everybody, and I realize the Lord Jesus Christ does not want us to be accepted by everybody, He want us to be accepted first by God. We want to start from OAU in particular. We want to run a television agency and the first partakers should actually be the Kingdom citizens. We are running after the vision while the people of the world are running with the vision. So, Inspire TV is taking back the vision from the people of the world, telling them how it is done not how it should be done. I can only tell you about the beginning of Inspire TV but I can’t tell how it will go. All I know is just the surface area.

Reflector: Do you intend to abandon your Law profession?

Sonuga: I was not planning on practicing but when I encountered a course called ‘Intellectual Property Law’, the story changed. So, I’m going to become an Intellectual Property lawyer because it has to do with writing and media.

Reflector: What’s your best quotation?

Sonuga: “There is a spirit in man and the Inspiration of the Almighty gives him understanding.”

Reflector: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Sonuga: By God’s grace, Sonuga will be a giant in the Spirit; Inspire TV should have been on Cable network; I would have become an Intellectual Property activist. In the next five years, I should be thinking of building an Opeoluwa Sonuga family.

Reflector: What’s your advice for ‘The Reflector’?

Sonuga: It’s not going to be easy all the way. If you have a vision, somebody might have that same vision and the person might have gone ahead of you. If this world cannot be occupied, your space in life can never be occupied. There’s always a place for ‘The Reflector’ to make a mark in the world. Never forget your first love, the passion that birth you and the vision that put you into place. Prepare for the best and hope for the worst. It’s time to get into the 22nd century.

Reflector: What word do you have for those who have visions but don’t know how to go about it?

Sonuga: First, get men that can water your vision, and make sure the vision you have is a seed and not a weed. And ensure you have a relationship with the God that gave the vision.

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