Yes, our mouths have been vile, destructive, snaring, and hard in utterance. Like an open gorge, sometimes, words in corrosive torrents that tear through hearts flow out before the restriction of reasoning. From the well of history to the present times; several wars, heartaches, and break-ups, are proven to have sprung from words spoken in truth or out of context.

The mouth, if you ask me, probably needs not just suing but with a good sentence – for families it has separated, hearts it has broken, the minds it has deceived and the several other devastations it has brought to mankind. You would agree with me that with fewer words, there would be fewer offences, less gossip, less ridicule and fewer troubles.

Whether of Science, of religion, of psychology or of philosophy, we can agree on a common ground that several unrestrained overflow of words have landed us in unfortunate quagmires of regret. But truth be told: words have destroyed and ill-built, killed and turned but, amazingly, it was never the mouth’s fault. The mouth, just like the hands and the legs, is just one of the executors of the demand of the initiator, the major planner and holder of the wickedness – the heart. Thus, while we think of suing the mouth, we must bear in mind that the hands can write, and the legs can strike too.

So, why sue the mouth to court? Is it to police the quantity of words it expels or to regulate the content of its merchandise? If to check of the amount to restrict it, then we must realise that some words it produces still enlighten. If to check for content, then why sue the executor rather than the master mind behind the content?



“But the mouth is the one who sets the fire, let us sue and convict it”. Yes, I understand! But the burning flame of the fire is inspired and fuelled by the heart. Is it the calm, encouraging, comforting, and hope-motivated flame it sets or the blazing, angry, jealous, ill and heartbroken hurty flames? We will leave the heart to decide.
Suing the mouth to court will not ease the effect of its terror, it might only change the means of executing the terror. So, why sue the mouth?

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Eseoghene Igbule

Eseoghene Igbule

Eseoghene Igbule

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  • Its true, even if the mouth is executed, little is the effect since the heart can always really execute through the arms or legs or whatever. Even, it is known that out of the abundance of the Heart, the mouth speaks. Too bad, all the mouth ever did is speak

  • kola

    To curtail the amount of words that the mouth executes, the mind needs to learn prudence, because that is the real executor. Unfortunately, the mouth is only obeying the grand master “The Mind”. I think it’s the mind that needs the squeegee of wisdom in sending messages to the mouth.

    Essentially, Esse has mentioned one of the major factors that affects my generation, knowing what to say and thinking things through before we say it. We should listen twice as much as we say.

    That was a brilliant one Esse, more of it.

  • True,
    Make a tree GOOD, then the fruit shall be GOOD also ….. ‘The man’ behind the scene is Mr Heart… may our hearts be purged

  • This is amazing…quite unique; so captivating…..Good one man

  • the mouth speaks life and death out of the abundance of the heart. it sure needs suing, or better still, briddling. nice work sir.

  • Now, this is what we call writing!

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