Our green brains are full of dust.

Yet skillful in lust.

Have we not won enough Grammy

In the very eyes of our family

For decades of mediocrity and fatal irony?

Are we not famous and renowned

For the most peaceful country

Of the 21st century?

Are we not rich in poverty?

Has our stagnancy not passed the test of durability?

Are the splendors of our shame

Not written all over our faces?

Haven’t we invested enough in the bin?

Don’t we have education free?

Haven’t we swanked of our economy before other regions?

Are we not religious?

Don’t we have intellectuals for leaders?

Are we not the Giant of Africa?

Are we not revered in South Africa?

Aren’t our past leaders better than our present?

Are we not independent?

‘We are the leaders of tomorrow’

So sing we on till tomorrow.

Dreams we watch trampled upon by rulers of yesterday

Again and again and again

And here comes another generation

Dancing to the tune of retrogression

Following, following, following

Taking ills for ideals

In the name of a perverse society

Who prefer stinks to truth and justice.

Oh God of creation,

Direct our noble nation.

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Sarki Istifanus

Sarki Istifanus

He is a creative writer, singer and actor. Istifanus is a student of English Language at the Obafemi Awolowo University. He believess that "Life is a dirty paradise. We all need broom and conscience to save it from further misconception".
Sarki Istifanus

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4 Responses to “PRIDE OF SHAME

  • We still live in yesterday, many dreams today waste away… Brilliant piece bro

  • Keep the pen bleeding sir

  • A stand, an arise for you sir! up keep!

  • To our minds we return
    To our desks to reform
    We’ll give all it takes
    Even prayers on our knees
    For our dear nation
    And the entire federation
    Till we see the glory
    And evict the sights so gory
    I will arise a compatriot
    And make count
    The labours of leaders past!

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