MY ART: MY LOVE (Limericks by David Ezeani)


Lo! , I’ve drawn and painted all these

And they all live, giving me bliss

But thirst I for something special

Then sketch me a replica of me facial

Quenching my insatiable thirst with peace


So goeth I around with my cherished art;

Till a mistaken art chasm us apart

By pouring on my art, a palette of paint

Breeding for my art, from my heart a disgust.

VEXED! . I’ll refurbish, repaper this foul art


So, devised I a tactful artifice

Artifice to clear off the wrong finesse

Finesse I forlorned to be in fire

To restore my beaut art to desire

Placing it in my heartified palace


Son! This is the summary of my art:

Universe. That I put my special art

To be in my heart for eternity

Erasing its ephemerality

Think not what great artist thy father art?!



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David Ezeani

David Ezeani

David Ezeani

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