I was very okay

Till he came around, and changed things.

This I write

Because he replaced my smiles

With sorrow and suffering

At first

I enjoyed his rule

‘Cause I thought it brought me happiness

But at this point in life

I have come to the realisation

That I have made a mammoth mistake

Of allowing his rule over me


Always he asked

For this and that

I never denied him

Since all he asked for

Brought me great pleasure – at the instant

But it kept on requesting

For more and more

And because I was used to giving in to his demands

I kept on obliging his requests

Till he became lord over me

And I, his subject

Couldn’t but submit to every of his dictates


At a point

I realised the extremity of his reign

When my body spoke volumes

But still, I kept on obliging him

I tried stopping him. I tried refusing.

Again and again and again

I tried and tried and tried

But my attemptsprovedimpotent

He had had me wrapped thight around his fingers

So I ended up giving in to him


And now, here I am

Sitted, unable to support my weight

In awful over-sized cloth

That were specially sown

To accomodate my body mass

All these years

My reward for faithful service

Under the Lord of the gut

In tonnes and tonnes of weight

Added unto me

Which disfigured my body

With tears in my eyes

Only if you could see

I wonder why I had obliged

The lord of the gut

What a shame!

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Tobi Fadoju

Tobi Fadoju

An undergraduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. She is a writer and journalist. She believes in the power and wonders of writing and the much difference writing can make. Tobi is a creative story-teller who enjoys reading novels and watching animations whenever she isn’t writing.
Tobi Fadoju

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One Response to “LORD OF THE GUT

  • brilliant poem,d inability of a young lady to say no in uncomfortable situation can lead to grave outcome

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