It was a great morning; birds singing, the soft wind was blowing the trees to wave, people busying to work and students getting prepared for the day’s activity. I had my last test that day. Early in the evening (after the test), it became evident that there would be a downpour. While I rushed to my abode, the rain poured like an avalanche of liquid fire that I had to seek an abode, less my ship capsizes. While I anchored for shelter, different people were sticking around too, waiting for the rain. There and then, I learnt my lessons:

The only reason – I believed – everyone gathered was because of the rain. Even those with umbrellas had to seek shelter since the rain didn’t come in a little measure. The cloud wept bitterly!

Lesson #1: There are rains in our lives that stop us from achieving our goals; they are mere distractions. In life’s journey, several things would attempt deterring us from going further which must not be allowed. We must challenge our challenges and let difficulties know that we are difficult.

As heavy as the rain was, some who had classes to meet up with were running towards their class rooms.

Lesson #2: Those who go further in life, always have something to meet up with irrespective of the rain or obstacle. They are bent on getting their visions achieved, come what may. History presents us many of such people – like Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller, etc. – who maintained doggedness despite disturbances.

For those who stayed behind, they were either holding hands with friends or were doing something else to keep them warm.

Lesson #3: This is it, those who do not go further in life are either afraid of the rain or are cold and not ready to leave their comfort zone. I have discovered that people have different reasons they have not done this or that, but the fact is: Procrastination is a lazy man’s apology.

We all give excuses to defend the nation in shambles, the failing economy, the incapability of the government, the unbearable level of unemployment, dwindling education system, etc., but have we sat down to ask ourselves: “What have we contributed to the growth of this nation?”, “What can we yet do to rescue this nation from falling?” and so on. We cannot just seat and expect a utopian society where everything works! We have to make our contributions. If Martin Luther King Jr. had kept quiet, Negroes would still be discriminated today. If Albert Einstein had folded his arms, his scientific theories would have been buried with his skull. If Wole Soyinka had been idle, maybe literature would have terminated in Red Sea.

The onus lies on us, to make or mar this country. Leave your comfort zone, learn from the rain!

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KOLA' Johnson

KOLA' Johnson

A dynamic writer, wide reader, creative thinker, public speaker, brilliant singer, and a movie-lover with passion for nation building and personal development. Being an outstanding essayist, poet and playwright, Kola’s interestingly friendly attitude cannot but be noticed – even at first sight.
KOLA' Johnson

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  • Sincerely,this just blessed me.Thanks

  • i always love the part that tackled procrastination. this one hit me because when the rain seem to be stopping every body, it is only the purposefully determined folks that keeps on…. thanks for the wisdom

  • Seriously,wat a deep thnking
    Kudos to u stevo
    i av learnt frm d rain

  • Lessons from the rain indeed. Challenging our challenges and making difficulties know we are difficult. Nice write-up.

  • Wao! This is a nice write up..really learnt frm it!

  • great writeup. its a Blessing to me personally.more grace

  • KOLA' Johnson

    We have more than enough lessons around us all we need do is to identify them, see their applicability and improve on our lives. Thank you for taking your time out to takes a deep peep into this thought. Remain a learner since we all are this university called “life”

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