Our news headlines have been engaged with quotable jargons and lips-patting statements by our States Men. It is even so easy to make fascinating headlines out of the quantity of words flowing from our rulers. And with all this, more generations suffer starvation of quality words of integrity.


Hello, sir. Bridle this tongue for a day and be amazed at the wisdom learnt in the course. Clip this tongue for 24-hours and save yourself loads of trouble. Engage the brain and then the mouth, and not the other way round.

My friend was once told that his breath stinks. He was further advised to be not too quiet, closing his mouth almost all the time. He adhered, and so, started talking and talking. After few days, his words stunk worse than his breath. The embarrassment sent him back to his cave of silence.
There he learnt the way of life.

An ancient king puts it like this, “even a fool, when he keeps quiet, is counted ‘wise’’’. You have the tendency to think faster, deeper and wider in silence than when speaking. In fact, an hour of silence and deep thought could save generations from disaster of a millennium. The law of wisdom should be an irreversible chain of concepts: silence – thought – speech.  It is however a pity that recent generations are breeding more fools than wise men. For only fools speak before thinking, making silence a time to meditate on their shame. And that is if they ever do at all.

A man’s mind is so mysterious and full of wonders. It’s one invisible entity seated in one corner in the body. It is only unfortunately tragic that we focus more on the carrier than what it carries. No matter how magnificent a treasure box is, the beauty is lost without the treasure in it. We bath, clean, clothe, and exercise our bodies while our minds lay dormant, crippled by our lack of time to think. You have the tendency to be beautiful and great, and the bridge between wisdom and her enemy is a string of deep thought orchestrated by silence.


Research has it that the average person says about 16,000 words a day. That’s about 112,000 words every week, and over 5,000,000 words every year. According to Trip Lee, “we use words a lot. And anything that there is a lot of, begins to be undervalued. The value of something begins to change based on how much of it there is”.

Come to think of it, if the world was created by words, then the Garden of Eden was never the end of creation. We may not have created object with our words, but we have created impressions and with our own words, we have moved objects and more. Sometimes your words are not needed, only your ears.




Perhaps the world will be a better place to live in if we learn to think before we speak, and speak when and if necessary at all. Perhaps we won`t have to regret the words we earlier spoke. The words of a man tell volume of him. And our words are strong seeds, with the ability to germinate into a full blossoming tree, and even bear fruits. The world is, itself, sour already, and needs to be purged with fresh juice. Your words count daily. Your thoughts count more.

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Sarki Istifanus

Sarki Istifanus

He is a creative writer, singer and actor. Istifanus is a student of English Language at the Obafemi Awolowo University. He believess that "Life is a dirty paradise. We all need broom and conscience to save it from further misconception".
Sarki Istifanus

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  • we live in a generation where every one just want to talk n get recognised but the content,ingenuity n veracity of their words is like sacrificing truth on the altar of sheer mediocrity. sound words don’t just come from the opening n closing of the bilabial but a rolling deep of thoughts from within.
    Brilliant post sir.

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