Immigration-Recruitment-in-NigeriaQuite difficult to forget in the history of unemployment in Nigeria is the recruitment exercise conducted by the Nigerian Immigration Service on the 15th of March, 2014 under the Chairmanship of Joan Ayo of the Federal Civil Service Commission, Joan Ayo. The purpose as stated by the Minister of Interior, Abba Moro was to give employments to Nigerians irrespective of their backgrounds, connections and contacts in the government or the business circle. According to him, it was the first of its kind. The exercise, which was conducted in different states of the federation, witnessed a large turnout. It is, however, noteworthy that each candidate was expected to register online with a token of #1000 before the exercise. According to sources, the available vacancies in the NIS were not up to 5000 slots, as against the over 600,000 who registered for the exercise. Of course, one shouldn’t expect anything less than a stampede. The pushing and shoving of some unruly applicants led to the injuries of some many people and about 20 deaths were recorded. Many questions have risen out of this exercise. The people that registered for this exercise were over 600,000. Most of who were graduates. That brings us to the issue of the debilitating effects of unemployment in the country. An applicant, who identified himself as Mr. Monday Iju, who sustained injuries during the rush still wrote the exams because according to him, he “must get the job at all cost”. This connotes an undertone of desperation by those who came to get jobs to make ends meet. Now, we have the danger of joblessness bringing about death of applicants. One may want to conclude that this initiative taken by the minister Abba Moro is a good one as he sought tackle unemployment. However, the real motive behind the exercise became a matter of concern to many Nigerians. According to some sources, the recruitment exercise was designed with a mindset to enrich those who call the shots at the Ministry and their cronies, at the expense of desperate unemployed Nigerian Youths. The recruitment exercise has been described by some sources as an official scam – an unintelligent one. Or how else can one explain why #1000 each should be collected from over 600,000 people for slots not even up to 5000? As a way of compensation, President Goodluck Jonathan decided to make provisions for automatic employment of at least three members each of the bereaved families. But Nigerians have questions begging for answers: How does this solve the problem of increasing rate of unemployment? How can these actions create jobs for the millions of unemployed? Does it account for the many lives lost and under threat? The answer is up to you!

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Esther Olayinka

Esther Olayinka

is an intelligent, friendly, extrovert and jovial young woman from a family of four. Esther is an award-winning essayist who frowns at imitation and believes that “the best will definitely come out of you when you’re truly YOU!” She’s always interested in reading, writing and listening to music
Esther Olayinka

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