My heart is a little heavier than a blue whale, and I really need to pour out my fury!

I might not write as well as Wole Soyinka or Chinua Achebe. I might not be as eloquent as Fela Durotoye. I might not be as powerful as Olusegun Obasanjo nor as influential as Enoch Adeboye. I might not be as imaginative as Ladi Kwali. I might not think as deep as Leke Alder nor compose songs as well as King Sunny Ade. I might not be able to dance like Kaffy nor administer like Babatunde Fashola. I might not be as innovative as Gbenga Sesan. But one thing is certain: I’m a Nigerian and I’m not a terrorist.

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I might not be as intelligent as Dora Akunyili. I might not broadcast as well as Edmund Obilo or Funmi Iyanda. I might not lead a powerful protest like Gani Fawehinmi or Japheth Omojuwa. I might not be as grandiloquent as Patrick Obahiagbon. I might not be a University first-class product like Mallam Nasir El-Rufai. I might not be able to act like Joke Silva nor fight like Bash Ali. But one thing is sure: I’m human. I’m a Nigerian, and I’m not a terrorist.

I might not be as comic as Basket Mouth nor as handsome as Ramsey Noah. I might not be as rich as Aliko Dangote. I might not be as industrious as Funmilayo Alakija nor as fast as Olusoji Fasuba. I might not be as expensive as Don Jazzy nor as strong as Samuel Peters. I might not be as defensive as Taribo West nor as attacking as Daniel Amokachi nor as skillful as Jay Jay Okocha. I might not be as charitable as Rochas Okorocha. But one thing is certain: I’m a Nigerian and I’m not a terrorist.


I think I’m entitled to good education. I’m entitled to proper health care. Security should be my national entitlement, I suppose. I shouldn’t struggle to afford a meal. Do I have to fill my nose with Carbon-monoxide before watching Super Eagles? I don’t think so. I don’t have to queue for 2 hours at NNPC to manage to fill my 1996-imported Suzuki with 2 Liters of Petrol. Do I have to use the same 20th-century curriculum my professor used when he was in my shoes?

Men and Brethren, tell me!

Why should I start mourning my Maiduguri-based colleague when I’ve not recovered from the sudden disappearance of my friend in Port-Harcourt? They told me “Security takes the Lion share”, but I think the Lion share has ended up in the Lion’s belly. For Heaven’s sake, I’m human – just like the residents of Borno and Yobe States. I’m a Nigerian – just like the priority-misplacing money-sucking idle lawmakers. I’m a Nigerian – not even a half-caste. But I’ve been living on crumbs packed out of my mother’s bakery.

We are Nigerians. We are Africans. And our lives matter!

I don’t deserve this and I don’t desire it. Irrespective of my religion, gender or ethno-linguistic affiliation; I’m still a Nigerian. My name is Adeniruju Adedapo Treasure. I tweet via @TreasureNGA and, seriously, I’m not a terrorist!

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Adeniruju Adedapo-Treasure
A writer, wishful filmmaker and advocate who breathes and tweets via @TreasureNGA.


  • But one thing is certain ! Such a wonderful write-up.

  • KOLA' Johnson

    That is my boss doing what he knows best. If and only if we can stop seeking excuses for not doing somethings, I believe, nigeria will be better. Let the leaders stop making excuses and start making improvements. Moreso, let the common man begin to demand for his/her right from the government. We have been cheated long enough, let’s begin to make the government accountable for their acts and words. The salvation of this nation is in the hands of everyone. Good one there my boss

    • Adeniruju Adedapo-Treasure

      I perfectly agree with you sir.
      To complement that, I think there’s much more job to be done in the place of orientation. Our people must know and make the leaders know that each life matters! Every Nigerian count!

    • We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.
      And I believe If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.
      Keep up the work Big bro.

  • Yes I am with you brother-in-pen because an injustice done to one is an injustice done to all. I am a Nigerian as well and I aren’t a terrorist!

  • I’m a NIGERIAN, and I’m not a terrorist. It’s high time we chose the path of truth and justice and not the one laid down by our so called leaders. I beg to disagree that they are leaders rather they are just people holding positions. The path I talk of is the one where we all believe in the good that Nigeria can become not ‘chop mouth, clean mouth’ mentality that has been passed down from generations. Let’s take this stand, we are NIGERIANS.

    • Adeniruju Adedapo-Treasure

      Well-said. You’ve kindly nailed it.

      And really, it’s high time we stopped lamenting about the thoughtlessness of the dying generation. The best we can do now is to fix the attention of the young generation to issues that matter to their collective future.

  • Really nice writeup, I enjoyed it.

  • I’m a Nigerian who deserves better. I’m a Nigerian who deserves #CHANGE for the better. And I’m still a Nigerian who has Adedapo Treasure as a friend. nice write up, Prof

  • You are absolutely right! I’m a Nigerian and not a terrorist!!!

  • Great one sir. I am a Nigerian & My best & rights cannot be trampled upon because I am not a terrorist

  • I am a Nigerian…I’m not a Terrorist! We shall overcome.

  • Wonderfully creative,kudos sir!

  • That was great sir…I agree with you on every word written. I think it’s important that every young person do away with a complacent mindset about the situation of the nation. It may take a while…but it’s achievable.

    • Adeniruju Adedapo-Treasure

      That’s the spirit, sir!
      If we must do away with the status quo, the young generation must be actively involved in inventing their collective future. And it begins now!

      “It may take a while…but it’s achievable.”

  • I am a Nigerian and not a terrorist as well,may God deliver Nigeria from all forms of violence and acts of terrorism. Well done proff

  • I myt nt b old enough to lead but I am the future leader. i myt not have access to quality education bt i never relent. I am human, a great citizen and not a Terrorist! Thanks 4 d inspiration Boss

    • Adeniruju Adedapo-Treasure

      I’m glad you’re aware you’re a future leader. And I’m sure you know the future begins NOW.
      Start exhibit leadership. Be the example your generation will love to follow.

      I believe in you!

  • I shouldn’t b a microbiology student and having class like an English student. no practicals. I should not wake up daily with just d story of innocent ppu dying and not the common man questions being answered that “When are things going to get better?”

    We are Nigerians and we ain’t TERRORISTS

    **heavy heart**

    God bless u Mr Treasure. I love those words..

  • This is beautifully rendered.
    We deserve a better life.
    We deserve better as Nigerians.

  • This is a fantastic read Dapo. Very poignant and relevant in these times of despair. More power to your elbow.

  • This is article of sober reflection. You ignited something in me. I don’t see terrorism on TV, I see it everyday. Three nights ago, Maiduguri was sieged and the explosions were deadly. When I tell people I’m from Maiduguri, they look at me with the ‘are-we-safe’ eye. But it really does not matter. We shall overcome one day;
    For tonight, we would bury our dead,
    Tomorrow morning we would rise on Christwind and take hold of their gates
    Set our captives free and reclaim our territories…
    Then it would not be a battle of weapons but of knowledge…
    Nevertheless, we would lift our head high, as sir guru Adedapo Treasure has said, ‘I am a Nigerian. I live in Maiduguri and I am not a terrorist.

    • Adeniruju Adedapo-Treasure

      Each time I hear “Maiduguri”, a swift ray carrying a picture of you flashes across my heart. And all I can do is whisper a word of prayer.

      I’m highly convinced that God, who took to you to Maiduguri, will also keep you safe, ALWAYS.

      Besides that, I bear a gentle burden for the future of our nation. I trust that “David” of optimism in my heart will be able to overcome the “Goliath” of pessimism that roars relentlessly. Time will tell.

      And if time will tell, we the people must yell.
      If time will decide, we the people must preside.

  • I’m a Nigerian too and the last time I checked, I have not become a terrorist. Every Nigerian deserves a better life. A right to live, to eat, to walk, to worship and serve God, a right to good education, proper health care even though JOHESU & NUAHP are presently on strike, a right to express the virtue they carry on the inside among others. I bliv It all start with us not settling for mediocrity and a good orientation even that this is our father’s land and we must live for legacy and posterity. Oga Treasure, thanks for this piece. I celebrate you.

    • Adeniruju Adedapo-Treasure

      Thanks for taking time out to read, sir.

      Much more, thanks for pointing us to a better perspective to seeing life. I agree with you that if each one of us will live for legacy and posterity, we can build a society that will attract the envy of distant neighbours.

      I celebrate you more, sir!

  • you really inspired me early this morning. …am a Nigerian not a terrorist. more grace?

  • This is exactly the kind of thought provoking write-ups that our nation needs right about now….. Enough is enough, it’s high time we started taking responsibility for our future. We can’t afford to fold our arms while some incompetent, incorrigible and corrupt people keep destroying and defacing our nation.

  • uhmm. I might not be as good as Adeniruju Adedapo in writing and skillful use of words, but one thing I know that is certain with no iota of doubt is that I’m Adeleye Tolulope T and I’m not a terrorist(smiles).
    I just read that a 24-hour curfew was called in Borno state yesterday again after the attack of BH in one of its villages. Is’nt it about time we had a change? Seriously, can’t wait to see the Nigeria of my dream.
    Nice write-up. More ink to your bleeding pen sir.

    • Adeniruju Adedapo-Treasure

      Your first paragraph, though… You know I’m learning from you.

      Did I hear you say: Isn’t it about time we had a change?. Well, I think it’s long overdue. And if we must see the Nigeria of our dreams, we must quickly awake from our sleep and invent our desired future, as a nation.

      Thanks for reading, Taiwo.

  • Bleed, oh pen. Bleed until heavens can no longer bear the pain borne in our hearts. Bleed until your blood, like that of Abel, calls heavens attention. Bleed until every Nigerian share In the consciousness of their rights. Great work, sire.

  • Yes,I am a Nigerian and I am not a terrorist.. I’m sure Luther would bow in respect to the Nigerian version of his dream.. Your Pen’s voice sire would be a part of a revolution that will change the Nigerian order! Thank you for this

  • I am a Nigerian not a terrorist

  • Hmmm… What an outcry reflecting the mind of a serious Nigerian youth. You wrote this in January and this is December, nothing has rarely changed in this nation. I believe the recent killings of civilians by the NA should be responded to with this; I am a Nigerian, I am not a terrorist.

    More ink to your pen Sir Treasure!

    • Adeniruju Adedapo-Treasure

      Thanks so greatly, sir, for sharing in the burden that bothers every true Nigerian.

      We must continue to let our voices grow in volumes until it echoes in the ears and hearts of those at the corridor of power.

  • wow!!! I’m actually short of words!!!
    it’s enthralling!!!
    it’s fantabulous!!!
    It depicts a being who’s socially relevant-very updated and active!!
    an intellectual who knows what he stands for!!!

  • This should have been read on October 1st. This is not only beautiful but thought-provoking. We need to share this untill it gets to every Nigerian that can still read, every politician with brains, every writer, every Linda that can make Ike to ‘Ji’, every hyped and melody making musicians with meaningless but danceable songs and international observers. An overzealous social convention may suggest “Treasure for president”!!

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