I laughed myself out when this title came to my mind, not because I didn’t know what to write, but rather, the scenario that prompted this thought. I may not be effervescent with social issues like Wole Soyinka or Ayo Sogunro, but I sincerely beg your indulgence to read to finish. Let’s start with this short story:

My friend came back from an errand while I was settled on the seat he had previously evacuated. Upon his arrival, he insisted that I stood up and made way for him, claiming he was the first to sit on that seat. On the other hand, my claim was that the seat was empty when I arrived. Both of us were right. The problem was that none of us was ready to disclaim his claim since we both claimed to be right.

Source: www.fpgindia.org

Source: www.fpgindia.org

That is the scenario of the present Nigeria and her citizens. The government claim to be doing its best to improve the society, while the common man refutes the claims. The government claims to have constructed several kilometers of roads, it claims to have improved education; it claims to provide health care facilities, and so on. How true this is, I can’t ascertain.

The government claims to have multiplied “megawatts” towards improved electricity – claims of millions pumped into the power sector. To the common man, ironically, it seems the more money pumped, the less of power available for the people’s use. The citizens’ claim is that the “government” is being indirectly enriched by dint of the epileptic power supply. If this claim is not the total truth, there must be some iota of truth therein.

Each time there was any terrorist attack, the government always claim to be on top of the situation. But I always wonder if it’s really on top of the situation or otherwise.

During campaigns, politicians always claim that they would do this, improve that, start this and stop that. Upon these claims the masses have always stood to claim their rights after that their wooers have gained access to power and refuse to perform their primary duties. Here and now, the masses must start asking questions and demanding from their wooers what practical and workable steps they have towards implementing their goals. You know, anybody can move mountains with their mouths, but it takes more than words to confront the mountain.

Source: www.endthelie.com

Source: www.endthelie.com

Now, this is my claim: I believe it’s high time we stopped making claims and start clearing. Let’s stop talking about the change, and start representing the change. Let’s start seeing ourselves as the change. Remember, stones don’t make up the government, people do. You are the government, I am the government. Together, we can pull this change.

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KOLA' Johnson

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3 Responses to “I HAVE A CLAIM

  • Nigeria is ripe for reformation of our policy, we cant keep doing same thing same way and expect different result, all we need is a realistic change,not a theoretical claim.

  • I can’t but smile… Was expecting a quite long write up,but sincerely, with d shock I experienced by the length of this article,I’m still not disappointed by its quality…kudos to you Oga Stephen.

  • Concise but loaded
    Short but with long term effect
    Never expected but glad you did
    All to say this is a good write up but to fellow reader it good to comment but not just comment but commence action.
    Action and effect are equal and opposite.

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