By Tomilola Ajala.


In shackles of affliction
With tears of no ending
In chains of superstition
a real sorrow unbounding
Doth with pain live each day
Weepeth with no consolation
Feeling death pain everyday
Bitterness of no exhaustion
If assessment my life giveth
Applauds it mightn’t gaineth
The black sky my life seeth
Under it my mind hideth
Out of it my life doth not knoweth a little bit of white sky at least
My desperate mind seeketh
When will freedom my heart finds
From the pains and afflictions it binds
Does this happen to all my kind?
Or is this just what my destiny can find?
On a saviour’s abode will me ever land?
A green pasture will I ever find?
The rule over me causeth this pain
If alright led then maybe I would have gained
I let my interest led
Or could emotions also mean selfishly led?
That one way my vehicle always takes
On the same bus stop I always alight
Mostly in a state of media tar
I carefully findeth a freer
Was actually this our choice?
I wish my heart is like that of a child
No pain to feel not even a mild
No secret to keep, not even the least
No fear of break nor fear of ache
No fear of fail
No want of bail
I wish my heart is fixed and steel
No fear of steal
No pain i feel
No break possible
No crack visible
I wish my heart is covered with iron
Which none can then toil on
No hurt it can feel
No love it can zeal
No peace it needs seek
No it can’t get sick
I won’t have to feel this type of pain
It does not think of one to slain
Then if all abode is real
Then actually i will be free
In freedom i will take my meals
With freedom i will make my deals
No oppression on my inside
No bounds from my in man
Then my mind won’t be this filled
Well, all I have is these
Wishes and just wishes

© – 2015 – TeamReflector®

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4 Responses to “HOW I WISH

  • A brilliant piece Tomi, I had to hold my breath as I read

  • This is wow, keep up the good work!

  • this is whao…#mute

  • i’ve heard of great warriors and Generals like Achilles,David,Odysseus use the sword dexteriously with great art on the battlefield,but here i see a General use the pen adroitly with exertive emotions painting to me a world of poetry filled with marvelling aesthetics,music and pulchritudity.General Tomi i laud your skill on the battlefield of poetry,keep up the creation!.

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