Our speeches are forlorn
Our hopes are forlorn
Our days are caged
Maimed of possible fame
Our land is mad at us
Our greens are vexed
The generation of cheetah is dying
The hippos are warming up
Silence has made its pace
We stand aloof, wanting of words
The cronies master their ways

On the walk streets of joy
Lies the paintings made from blood
Open arms of cold night
Welcomes the death of fighters
Days gone are the Ogonis
Dead by the injustice of a despot
There hangs the freedom fighter
Here we stand with gag in mouth
Laid to rest from fighting

The doors of slavery wide open
The nemesis of a silent people
Locked with thoughts unexpressed
Here we suffer gag in mouth

Freedom of speech we have
Not sure of freedom after speech
Betrayed by our own thoughts
We sniff to death by our own silence
With gag in mouth we hum our tears
Like the melody of a crying child
We blab our thoughts in silence
Caught in the web of solitude
We are the unknown sufferers
Hands down we stand
In the presence of terror we bow out
Like zombies we follow suit
With gag in mouth we hum for freedom

The leaders sing the song of nonchalance
Fat in the face of poverty
Drunk, high and intoxicated
They reiterate over and over
Their ironic love for their people
Gag in face
The people are blind to reality
In a jiffy our leaders are back

With the sweet song of defeat
Laid to rest from stress
Anarchy of the mind springs
Here we sit
Guilty upon the return of the lion
Minds in bounds, Thoughts caged
Taxes buried, mouth shut

Oh! What then do we say?
Speak against your Lord
How? Lord? He gave you that food
Yet you eat like a fool. What then?
Is he to account to you?
Oh! The cake is gone.
The egg is smashed.
Here we sit, gag in mouth
We pray for the Lord’s day

How many times are we betrayed?
For how long shall we be quiet?
When shall we have a second thought?
To whom shall we run for help?
By whom can these changes come?
Gag in mouth, we seek the saviour

Buried in the crypt
Sucked to a leak
Measured with a stick
We must make our words stick
If not, we leak out

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KOLA' Johnson

KOLA' Johnson

A dynamic writer, wide reader, creative thinker, public speaker, brilliant singer, and a movie-lover with passion for nation building and personal development. Being an outstanding essayist, poet and playwright, Kola’s interestingly friendly attitude cannot but be noticed – even at first sight.
KOLA' Johnson

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