Prof. Remi Raji

Apart from his meritorious service as the President of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Professor Remi Raji of the University of Ibadan has contributed immensely to the development of African writing. With his six Poetry collections, Prof. Remi Raji has employed his words and wits in engaging readers globally on revolutionary thinking.

It is on this backdrop that The Reflector Team officially launches the 1st Professor Remi Raji Writing Contest.The competition, being part of the preliminary activities heralding the forthcoming FUTURE IMPACT CONFERENCE 2015, is aimed at engaging the minds and creative ingenuity of young Nigerians.

(This first edition is open to students of OAU and UI only)


Submissions for the ESSAY should be centered around:

 Reshaping Nigeria

“RESHAPING NIGERIA: What Can We The Youths Do?”


Submissions for the POETRY should be centered around:

Voice of Hope



– Entries should be in Microsoft Word and should be mailed to teamreflector@yahoo.com and/or teamreflector@gmail.com.
– Entries must have a Cover Page containing entrant’s Name, Dept./Level, Phone Number, E-mail address, Title of Entry, and Word Count.
– Entries must not exceed 800 words (for Essays) or 40 lines (for Poems).
– Entrants must be undergraduate students of OAU or UI.
– Deadline: 31st July, 2015. (11:59pm GMT+1)


For Essay:
#10,000 ¦¦ #7,000 ¦¦ #5,000

For Poetry:
#10,000, ¦¦ #7,000 ¦¦ 5,000

And several other complementary prizes to be won.

For more info, contact:
Twitter: @TeamReflector
Esther: 07060523808
Timi: 08172565695

Don’t delay! Start scribbling. But first, tell a friend to tell a friend whose friend is a writer!


  • Please when is the winner going to be announced?

  • Any news about the competition result? Probably the day the result would be announced. Thanks.

  • Hi. I sent in an entry before the deadline, but did not receive any mail to acknowledge the receipt of my entry…

  • Awesome! I just received the mail. I guess we’re to come dressed cooperate but plz I’m not sooo good @ spoken word, hope there wouldn’t be a need for us to recite wat we penned down.

  • Can we please get a shortlist so that those of us with conflicting schedules can prioritize appropriately.

  • How does an entrant knows his position?..before the conference day? so as to ease anxiety

    • Adeniruju Adedapo-Treasure

      Hello Ayomikun,
      We do not wish to release the general positions, except on entrants’ request after the Future Impact Conference. However, the winning positions will be announced first at Awovarsity Hall on the 5th of September.
      Relax! Don’t give room for anxieties.

  • If a participant won’t be available for the announcement ceremony and he/she is the winner.. what will happen? Would that mean relinquishing the position as the winner?

  • Hi, I sent in a poem and I received a mail this morning, but I’m not really cleared on the content of the message. Was the mail sent to all the participants? Thanks.

  • Can a shortlist be released so that those with conflicting schedules can prioritize.

  • Please what time is the future impact conference this Saturday, and is it only potential winners that will get the e-mail, if not, i hope there’s really a consolation for “we” that will travel a long distance to the conference, an excerpt from the mail – “….Please note that the Prize-giving ceremony is an integral part of our FUTURE IMPACT CONFERENCE 2015 coming up on Saturday, 5th of September, at the Obafemi Awolowo University’s prestigious Awovarsity Hall. [Your entrance to the event has been paid for. Follow the hyperlink to get more details.]” i can’t seem to find the hyperlink to this regards

  • Adeniruju Adedapo-Treasure

    Hello Franklin,
    The hyperlink would have led you here —> http://www.teamreflector.org/programs/future-impact-conference-fic/
    The webpage contain every details of the event.
    The time is 10:00am, but registration begins by 8:00am.

  • exactly what i have been wondering @ayodeji oluwaseyi, @olamide, we would really love to be at this maiden edition, especially if one were to be a potential winner, but this Saturday seems to be really fixed, that does not mean i am do-or-die about this contest, but resources would be spent if i were to come to OAU, plus the guarantee that not everybody would win, i called the Esther whose phone number is written in the advert, she said the names of winners will be posted here, i hope that is true.

  • You guys acted deceitfully! All you had in mind was for people to grace your conference and you never considered people like us who came all the way from Abeokuta only to have our hopes raised and betrayed. I went as far as borrowing tfare. Pls and pls, don’t ever deceive people in that manner again. You lied about our entrance being paid whereas the entrance was free for all, which leaves OAU students as great beneficiaries cos the programme was hosted in their school.you shuld have invited only the winners and not all the participants. You decieved me and made me forfeit an important programme because of your lies. God will judge you for what you did to me this day!

  • pls am a student of university of Ibadan…couldn’t attend d conference cos we had a snap test ……..but how do I know dose DAT receives d prize pls?


  • Who won d competition please?

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