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Colour wars, colour riot or colour blocking, as it is often called, is the craziness that has taken over the fashion world now. It is fervidly in vogue in this generation so much so that both guys and ladies are wrapped up in this craziness of fashion. Ladies, especially, are so freaked about wearing multiple colours of cloth that gives them a glamorous look that they desire. They even go to the extent of painting their nails in different colours.

It’s been discovered from recent research that this ‘new’ craze has been around for so many decades – way back as far as the swinging sixties when certain folks showed the world just how to colour-block by pairing white knee high-boots with dandelion yellow dresses and pink hair bands. Anyway, I wonder what took us so long to make it trendy and chic. But to be honest, loud and proud colourful ensembles make for a dynamic, confident look.

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Colour blocking can turn out horribly wrong and become severe case of colour rioting if you don’t understand how to make bright colours work for you. The foolproof way of avoiding looking like a clown is to size up colours in your closet, pick one staple piece that has a strong vibrant colour and work around by adding other colours cautiously. Once you have added two to three colours, pick a purse of metallic gold belt or shoes to break off the look.

Is it that colour blocking (or colour wars) is now an accepted way of dressing? Or is it because it is in vogue? Well, I can’t answer the question, because most people wear colour wars almost in all occasions such as birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, and even to religious centres without a fashion police probing them. Well, it will be ridiculous to say it is a generally accepted manner of dressing, but sometimes when we colour-block, it makes us look stylish, crazy, glamorous and up-to-the-minute.

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Colour blocking, as far as I’m concerned, is for those people that are not creative in combining colours, who want to look crazy, loud, hilarious and also want to gain attention. The decision to colour-block in wears is personal and it also involves one’s motive behind it.

I will like to put my pen to a rest at this juncture. But before that, I’ll like to tell you this: make sure you are comfortable with what you wear, either you colour-block or not, because sometimes what you wear builds your boldness, confidence and self-esteem. Sincerely, the way you are dressed influences the way you address!

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4 Responses to “COLOUR WARS

  • adamsmurphy

    Gradually, we are imbibing Madness and Craziness into our seeming “in-process” civilisation! It becomes disheartening because people ain’t seeing the insidious future of it on this our generation…..!

  • Excellent!!

  • KOLA' Johnson

    Some even call it jamaican combination. Whatever it is, I feel we should be comfortable with whatever we wear. A crazy combination I observed these days is the trendy style of applying this lousy red lipstick whether it matches the other atire or not. So many combinations in the name of fashion. My point is, rather than combine warful colours to look fashionable, combine them to look comfortable. I submit.

  • intersting…bravo

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