25th Nov 2016

SERVIO GBADAMOSI: The Art of Pitching One’s Tent In A Land Without Gatekeepers

Griggs rightly noted that poets are dying. But Poetry is not. How to know: Change the lens through which you watch this stage – where the Okigbos, the Okaras, the Clarks, the...

15th Oct 2016

WRITING, PRIZES AND FEMINISM: Ifeoluwapo Adeniyi Beyond The Bank Of The River

Writers – like every other creative artist – have hearts where fears erect skyscrapers. They are humans who have un-customized upbringings and childhood experiences that would rather live with them...

13th Oct 2015


She sat at the grand piano bench and stared at the keys. Black and white. Light and dark. Strength and weakness. Right and wrong. Death and life. Sharp and flat....

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