I grew up loving American politics, especially how its democracy evolved, blanketed in intimidating intellectuality. But now, the United States, by reducing its political intellectualism to uncivilized shadowboxing and shameless backslapping, signals to developing nations that it no longer deserves to be looked up to.

Anyone who has followed the electioneering goings-on closely – especially with a rather panoramic view of Donald Trump’s and Hilary Clinton’s campaign dramas – should doubt if America has settled for such two-of-a-kind in decades. One then wouldn’t wonder why Sam Omatseye would refer to Donald Trump as a “throwback”, or why Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson would opine that Secretary Clinton’s Presidency “may well end up in impeachment”.


When the likes of Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders were dropped like wingless flies during the primaries, it became evident that an examination has been placed before America. And in this multiple choice question paper, the nation is required to select a President with a tendency to tread either of the following paths:

Option A: The Johnson-Clinton Path.
President Barack Obama will hand over to a (wo)man who stands a chance of battling with an impeachment case. While Donald Trump follows the steps of Bill Clinton’s sex scandal (in the case of Monica Lewinsky, 1998), his opponent Hillary Clinton takes a digital cue after Andrew Johnson’s “high crimes and misdemeanours.”

Option B: The Path of War.
Each passing day, Vladimir Putin hides more warheads under his pillow. Just last week, Russia launched SATAN-2 missile (from the name you know what it can do!). Maybe President Obama’s diplomacy has eased the tensions between White House and the Kremlin a little, but one cannot be sure if either Trump or Hilary possesses the diplomatic expertise to attain a rapprochement decades after Cold and Vietnam Wars. Nonetheless, to think Russia is the only super power behind the conspiracy against the almighty Dollar is to take a center stage in a comedy show.

Option C: The Lincoln-Garfield-McKinley-Kennedy Path.
As observed before and during the October debates, the tensions that characterize the race for the Oval Office has not been this overwhelming in a long time. And with recent poll revelations from Florida to New Hampshire, I hope America doesn’t choose the way of death. Again, I only hope! The world, in the words of Poet Niran Okewole, is a den of hope!

Option D: Two of the Above.

Option E: All of the Above.

Chances are this examination will reveal some as double-dealers and some’s efforts may go into a nosedive. And while some may have to re-take years after, to earn promotion by the wake of 2017 remains the ultimate goal. For now, America must make a choice.

By Wednesday, the sun that settles upon the shoulders of America will be felt everywhere else; from Mauritania to Australia; from Rosario in Argentina to Xinghua in China, and from Cuenca in Ecuador to Subang Jaya in Malaysia.

Again, I say, America must make a choice!



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Adeniruju Adedapo-Treasure
A writer, wishful filmmaker and advocate who breathes and tweets via @TreasureNGA.

7 Responses to “AMERICA BEYOND NOVEMBER 8, 2016

  • This brilliant piece ruptures my mind like a volcanic eruption, it deconstruct my view on American politics as the Ultra and Centre. It also open my MIND to all the campaign period and debate period of Trump and Hillary as just a show of a Play of Giants.
    Rather than a show of intelligence, we have a farce comedy of backstabbing
    America’s political intelligence is on a downside truly.. .
    Beautiful piece sir

    • Adeniruju Adedapo-Treasure

      Thank you, Ayomide.

      Democracy is like Marriage. Just like Marriage is void of love, except the amount of love two people ‘donate’ to it, Democracy also depends upon who takes the political center-stage.

      America, today, is faced with a future it is not sure of. But it must walk into that future, nonetheless!

  • Good analysis here sir. I just hope they get it right.

  • You have good eyes Mr. Matthew

  • Good and cogent points up here. You can’t be “righter”

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