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The Reflector is a Media-driven social development organization, unrepentantly committed to building young minds with thought-provoking articles with scents of historical reflections.


The pollution in the Media in recent times saddens the average African parent. It is noteworthy, however, that this contamination did not begin with the inception of the 21st century. Nonetheless, it became more evident in the 21st century, basically, because people did not channel the prospects provided by digital age into mind-profiting courses. Not long after, the Media began to lose its original purpose of enlightenment and transmission of information.

For this very course, the Reflector team was birthed: to remodel the media to its original purpose of education, enlightenment and promotion of right values.


Team Reflector

Team Reflector


The Reflector team is composed of reliable, organized, team-spirited, and highly-knowledgeable intelligentsia, who are passionate about enriching, educating and enlightening young minds through Writings, Conferences, Reviews, Competitions, etc.

The team strongly upholds nine core values which guide and preserve the professional and attitudinal brilliance of the members.



The Reflector team comprises of people with a common drive – it is the burning passion of accomplishing our collective interest of enriching, educating and enlightening young minds.

Our motto: “Consulting history, impacting the future”, directly indicates that we consciously touch the breath of history, not only to predict futuristic tendencies, but also to secure desired prospects for the younger generation. We strongly believe in using the media as a panacea of youth enlightenment, education, societal development and promoting moral excellence.

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