Considering the frequency of rainfall on most of the weekdays, especially in the early hours, it can be said that this week has been a wet one. The Obafemi Awolowo University is situated in Osun, a state in the tropical south-western Nigeria and so while it can be frustrating, the persistent rainfall is not abnormal. Although activities have not been totally disrupted, the recurrent raining has made movement to and from lecture venues either restrained or unpalatable. The rainy season has come and everyone will adapt, as with the harmattan.

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The wetness of the week is not the only notable thing about the week. In fact, the week started on an uneventful note with the accident along the road cutting through Fajuyi and Moremi Halls. A piece of news has it that it was initiated by a non-student drunk male driver whose victims – a bike man and his male student passenger – sustained serious injuries in their legs. This is not the first case of accident along this same road. Few years ago, a man died after being hit by a fast moving vehicle.

Over-speeding vehicles passing through the road stretching from Students’ Union Building to Central Market has become a permanent feature of the road at night. This mindless driving has been generally tied to the fact that those who drive in that manner drink themselves to intoxication from New Bukateria before taking to the road.

It is high time daredevil speeds on roads within campus was checked and it is the call of the University’s security personnel. If some years back, unnecessary honking was a rarity and traffic lights are duly adhered to today, then over-speeding can be curtailed. The safety of the pedestrians – mostly students – who walk the road in question will be at stake if reckless drivers are not tamed. This is a University campus whose mere architectural layout speaks of order and serenity. It must be made clear to road users within campus that the roads are neither racing tracks nor the pedestrians on the walkways imaginary.


Later in the week, on Thursday precisely, congresses were held in most of the faculties for the election of representatives into the Electoral Commission that is to coordinate the Students’ Union elections. Now, there are mixed feelings among students as to if the Division of Students’ Affairs (DSA) intends to manipulate the Commission or not and if the reinstatement of the Union will be a blessing or a curse. There are evidences on the pages of history that make the distrust of some students of the motives and involvement of the DSA in Students’ Union activities justifiable. How credible and constitutional the actions and directives of DSA will be from now till whenever the Union bounces back to health will definitely have an effect on the image of the University’s Division of Students’ Affairs.

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